The Judicial Republic of Trocundus—

The dwarves are an orderly bunch, but are still reeling from the destruction and collapse of their former home of caves two hundred years ago. No one knows the exact cause, but prominent leaders believe it was Judicael expressing his displeasure at the state of corruption and lawlessness. Others whisper it was a subversive plot hatched to undermine the social strata. Whether this is true or not, it was definitely an (unintended) consequence. The more powerful dwarves lived the deepest in the caves and tunnels. Many perished due to lack of a warning. Those who managed to escape left practically everything behind, upending the social strata.

The people who are left now dwell above ground on the canyons and valleys, where the first who escaped are literally at the top of the society. But the government continues to revolve around the High Court and the decisions they have made through the centuries, codified into sacred laws. Some of these supposedly penned by the Supreme Justiciar Himself, Judicael. These original laws are called the Consecrated Code of Ages. Nowadays, if a dwarf takes issue with another or one has seen as breaking the decisions and laws of their brothers, they are brought before the High Court. The Magistrates of the Court are nine dwarves (8 for the original laws, 1 to symbolize the added ones) who are appointed by the Court.

Now they live in tiered levels in the IsorropĂ­a Canyon and the surrounding river valleys. The prominent influential live higher whereas the poor live closer towards the caves as they were the last ones to escape. This event has rocked the Dwarven race to their core (pardon the pun) but it has strengthened their resolve towards their beliefs and tradition. This has caused some frustration among younger dwarves and some are seeking their fortunes elsewhere. Among these are the Adjudicators, the dwarves tasked with upholding the law beyond the borders of Trocundus. Given the power of Judgment by the Supreme Justiciar and the High Court, they mostly bring back outlaw Dwarves but also expect the surrounding world to abide by the Law (they are usually disappointed).

Mechanically, Canyon dwarves will get Stubborn racial trait which is 2 on enchantment spells and more chances to break the spell and it replaces hardy trait. Craftsman trait instead of greed, former is +2 on craft/profession checks that involve metal or stone. Sky sentinel (1 atk, +2 dodge, and +2 on Perception checks on flying creatures) replaces defensive training, hatred, and stonecunning.


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