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The world of Evaristus is characterized by high amounts of arcane energy pulsing through the atmosphere. While the exact nature of how the magic works is an esoteric subject and only known by the most shrewd scholars, the entire populace reaps the benefits. Even the lowliest commoner has a limited access to spells, ones known as cantrips or orisons.

The most conspicuous monuments dotting the landscape of the world of Evaristus are some of the most hauntingly beautiful ruins of empires and civilizations long dead. There are what seems to be three different styles of nations that ruled several centuries, perhaps even millennia ago. This is a puzzle that the intellectuals spread across the globe ponder. Theories abound from divine interference, environmental changes, huge global cataclysms, or just the society’s own hubris. The bold few who venture into their ruins come back with evidence of all of these hypotheses.

The nature of arcane magic is an esoteric subject that few study and know what its consequences truly are. There are areas of scarred, barren land that people have not known what lurks, only that severe storms occur and rumors that physics does not work as it should in these regions. The causes for the serious damage to the world are largely unknown, and many druids work to get to the root of the problem.

The aftereffects can be severe. Once an area of land has become ‘Blighted’ or ‘Warped,’ the people around suffer from plagues, begin to hear voices, and other things the populace speak of in vague whispers. Or the unlucky few near the Nexus are never seen again. The reckless adventurers traverse the area never do manage to return never find a body, only wreckage of the villages and towns. They speak of terrain that changes in instants, fantastic colors, blue foliage, and other fantastic tales.

An alien terrain, scholars who believe these outlandish claims theorize it’s another planet or plane of existence encroaching into our own. The areas that surround become hostile and barren, unable to be farmed. These people are uprooted and must look for new places to live, but they are shunned. No one fully understands what dooms a land to become Blighted, and that fear and mistrust bleeds into the former peoples of that land.

There is scores of missing knowledge, mysteries to unlock. The land is scarred and needs to be cleansed if Evaristus is to survive. There are some beings who will go to any lengths to keep the secrets forever buried. The question is, is it too late to save Evaristus from destruction?

Main Page

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