Character Creation Rules

There will be some optional systems in place to get mechanical benefits for rounding out your character as three dimensional person with allegiances, contacts, allies, and sociocultural advantages and assets. These will be generated on character creation but discussion with group we can decide on this as a potential alternative to giving experience for good roleplaying. For example, you impress a wealthy patron of Bishara with your remarkable oratory. This may earn you a favor, or perhaps you now have a new Associate.

Associates System

Social Advantages

Loyalties—- This is a System detailed in Pathfinder Unchained. It is meant to replace Alignments. There are several reasons mechanically alignments exist. For this reason, you should choose one at character creation if this applies to you. This will not generally change after character creation as your loyalites will be the ones that will shift. As most people know, most actions can be justified under almost any alignment. This is why this will generally not change as the headache that causes is unneeded under the Loyalties system.

Character Creation Rules

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