When most speak of the Emirate of Arsuf, it is of what it used to be. There are glittering palaces, tombs, monuments that serve to remind the people of the might the Emirate used to wield.

Dravadi, the Magnificent, championed their small nation into a renowned Empire that struck their enemies with fear and awe. Divine Fortune, or perhaps Ghyslaine Herself seemed to be on their side as a powerful dynasty was established with a comprehensive code of law. His eldest, Nashua, carried on the legacy and strengthened their borders but her sons fought bitterly for the throne. Her youngest Jakashi now rules. The infighting has hurt their stability as those who seek opportunity eye Arsuf greedily. It is said his son Mohan now plots but for now, there is an uneasy quiet.

The Arsufi people have not seen any major change in their way of life despite the upheaval. They still see themselves as the preeminent leaders in their sphere of influence The Arsufi are a haughty, proud group who will not let an insult or grudge go. Travelers will come to their capital of Azhar to marvel at the grand structures.

Trade has been flourishing like never before as their work in ivory and jewelcrafting is highly prized. Because of this, their trading routes and caravans suffer bandits and a thriving smuggling trade that the government in this state is not prepared to deal with.


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